Chameleon Sept 2020 – Jun 2022


CHAMELEON is a cryptocurrency token and exchange platform. Its goal is to be a fast, compliant and versatile service for experienced traders. A unique feature of the project was having an easy on ramp for Ethereum Classic tokens.

Remote Role

Brand Designer, project consultant, product mockups and web development.


Customer research and development of Branding and a design language system to support the ICO presentation for first round of public investment.


Illustrator, Photoshop, Notion, Indesign, WordPress.


When entering a highly competitive market, it is imperative to have an brand that can have a profound impact with your desired customers. Extensive research into competitor and customer profiles, defining the Ideal Customer and key needs informed the preliminary marketing strategy and the brand story telling that permeated the whole project.
Using the Coception Studio Framework, a comprehensive design language was created with an adaptable visual style to match the brand identity and mapping customer pathways and preliminary UX/UI prototypes were made for the creation of a full cryptocurrency trading platform.
With this foundation an ICO presentation for the project was created as a wordpress site accompanied by a white paper pdf documentation.

When developing the higher level business identity, Stakeholder and community input was critical. Questionnaires were sent out, feedback collated and this researched informed the high level brand narratives, such as values, mission and vision.

Comprehensive market research with customer analysis and personas and empathy maps, along with competitor analysis was conducted before the deeper branding process was engaged.

A detailed Brand document was created in traditional static pdf format and also a living Design Language system in Notion using the Coception Studio Framework. This framework can develop as the customer journey becomes more refined as the business grows to adapt to the marketplace.


Startups are vulnerable to market forces as they seek the balance between investor confidence and early customer traction. A well thought out design language can support a business venture to have confidence to be adaptable to these forces. A solid toolbox of story telling tools gives the business the space to navigate the changes required to meet this balance of investor / customer relationships.

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