Coception Studio Nov 2021 – Mar 2023


Coception Studio CXD is the business and product development system from Joy Machine. Utilising the power of Notion it provides a collaborative ideation framework for business owners and their team. This framework gives an overview effect of all customer touch points across the customer journey. While also establishing a comprehensive design language system and brand story in the age of Ai assisted story telling.


Founder, Lead Designer and web developer.


The project was to transform the existing design workflow of Joy machine into a self help framework to assist client’s business development. This required Concise and effective story telling to communicate complex systems and processes.


Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Figma Jam WordPress, Notion, Chat GPT


Like a ouroboros of infinite iterations, the process of creating Coception studio utilises its own framework for its development.
The initial structure was based on design language system framework integrated with a sprint project management system and customer profiles. Through many projects and iterations, the framework expanded by applying UX/UI principles to focus on the customer journey. Prioritising the customer journey and the customer touch point, provides a framework for marketers, product designers, developers and the business directors to collaborate with the storytelling of the higher level business ideation.

A well crafted design language was required with brand themes to support visual story telling required to communicate complex systems and processes. This was conceived in such a way to be in harmony with notion’s design and limited UI elements for both light and dark modes.

Being an flagship product of Joymachine, the branding of Coception needed to be succinct with the branding Joymachine while having its own unique stand alone identity.

A brand theme – “crystal grid” was created for the framework notion pages, with headers icons and graphics to be used alongside the core design language. This theme was required to work within the limited UI elements and colour scheme of notion, for both dark and light mode.

Extensive help guides and a self help work flow system was developed to assist the customer experience. This was created with the assistance of Ai assisted story telling and has Ai prompt guides to help business owners in their ideation process.


To make the complexity of a complete design framework accessible and easy to understand is a hard challenge. Supportive graphics can help bridge this gap of understanding.

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