Gevity Nov 2016 – Aug 2018


Gevity is a health monitoring service that connects and collates user health data from health plan activity and IOT devices with Health practitioners to monitor and manage their health.

Studio Role

Project Lead , Senior UX Designer and Frontend Dev in a team of 9.


To design and project manage the development of a web based health portal integrating camunda workflow engine and re-develop an existing iOS app as cross platform mobile solution.


XD, Illustrator, UXPin, GIT, Sass, HTML, javascript, LAMP Stack, custom model driven MVP Framework, Cordova, iOS and Android. Jira and Confluence.


Extensive UX designs and wireframes were made for the Gevity health web portal. An advanced prototype was developed to create an adaptable User Interface and design language. This design system stood the test of the agile development process, giving an UI palette to the development team to respond to product changes.
As Team Lead apart from UX , UI design and development I was also responsible for client management, sprint planning and daily scrum.
A key achievement of this project was the development of a solution to switch the branding and UI for white labeling versions of the platform. Using Sass and Javascript variables a codebase developed to change the look of the whole platform with a single line statement.

A detailed prototype was made using UXPIN to explore a UI interface theme that could allow for full photo backgrounds. A frosted glass theme was developed with layered components to allow these customisable images the user.

Pixel perfect prototypes were developed into fully released mobile apps for iOS and android platforms. Data rich interfaces to show the user progress of complex health data were achieved by custom css tweaks over a javascipt charts library.


This project demanded a rich interface to show the complexity of the customers detailed health data. Having the foundation of a solid design language system allows the creation of custom UI components that can work well together.
Giving the team space and time to create thoughtful written code can also have longterm benefits of a product that can be adaptable to live changes to suit market forces.

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