Secret States Sept 2020 – Feb 2023


Secret States is drink and health company creating the world’s first water fasting tonics. These sugar and alcohol free drinks are crafted to support the water fasting experience and the health benefits of staying in ketosis.


Product and Brand Designer, Project Manager and Web development.


Product and Brand design, developing a design language system, manufacturing pipelines, customer pathways for ecommerce site and marketing for social and email funnels.


XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Notion, Figma, Indesign, WordPress, Woo Commerce, Klaviyo, Fluent CRM, PLANN, Discord.


Working with the initial brand “Fasting Fluids” design iterations were developed that evolved into an elaborate “Secret States” design language. This was systematized using the Coception Studio CXD framework giving a macroscopic view of the customer journey and focus upon the higher aspects of the business identity. Extensive product design and development was required to pursue a new product category.
Packaging, distribution and business systems were design to integrate into a automated ecommerce website, built upon woo commerce platform.

The branding process followed the Coception Studio CXD framework, creating a living design language system, with custom fonts, bespoke icons, graphics and brand themes that were envisaged alongside the development of product label designs.

Utilsing the rich branding and visual themes Lables design for Premium Water Fasting Tonics and shipping carton were developed full of rich story telling.

Custom fonts and extensive graphics were created for the website and marketing collateral.

A quiver of brand themes were used to give direction to customer illustrations for the online store, social media and marketing collateral.


Working with a business committed to brand excellence is a complete pleasure. Creating a business in white space brings the necessity to focus on the higher aspects of the business narrative.
In the age of AI assisted story telling defining the Brand persona, with complex voice, tone and moods can help create prompts for quick scaffolding for marketing narratives.

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